News Headlines 2/26/21

U.S. LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKES ON FACILITIES IN SYRIA USED BY IRAN-BACKED MILITIA: The U.S. launched airstrikes yesterday evening (February 25th) on facilities in Syria used by an Iran-backed Iraqi militia. One of the members of the Kataeb Hezbollah militia was killed and several others were wounded, AP reported, citing an Iraqi militia official. The Pentagon said the airstrikes…


News Headlines 2/25/21

FDA SAYS JOHNSON & JOHNSON COVID VACCINE OFFERS STRONG PROTECTION: The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday (February 24th) that Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine offers strong protection against severe Covid-19. That clears another step to final approval of the vaccine, which unlike the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that are currently being used, is just one shot,…


News Headlines 2/24/21

LAW ENFORCEMENT, SECURITY OFFICIALS TESTIFY MISSED INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED CAPITOL ATTACK TO HAPPEN: Current and former law enforcement and security officials told Senate lawmakers Tuesday (February 23rd) that missed intelligence was what led to Capitol Police not anticipating the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol and therefore not having enough manpower to stop it. They also…