How Often Do YOU Call Mom? . . . And What Do YOU Call Her?

Maybe you’re planning to talk to your mom on Sunday.  And apparently, for about 1.5% of you . . . that’s the only time you’ll talk to her this year. Just in time for Mother’s Day, a new survey asked people how often they call or text their mom.  And of the people whose moms…


Is Your Name Spiky or Round? Time to Find Out

Did you know people naturally think of a SHAPE when they hear your name?  In my case, I always figured the shape they think of is a well-endowed pear.  Guess not. A cognitive psychologist from London and a psycholinguist just found that people connect different SHAPES to different NAMES. If your name has B sounds,…


Here Are the Names Everyone’s Picking for Their Babies Right Now

You know what baby names are hot?  Ones that were HUGE at the 1930 World’s Fair. The baby naming website Nameberry just released a list of names that parents in the U.S. are searching for the most.  And the boy names are some real “traveling salesman going town to town by stagecoach selling tonic” stuff.…




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