Should We Stop Paying Kids for Chores, and Pay Them for Hobbies Instead?

  Your teenager who spends 40 hours a week on their Xbox will LOVE this idea.  But the internet is split on whether it’s smart or not. A mommy blogger named Destini Ann is going viral after she got on TikTok and said she doesn’t pay her daughter for chores.  Instead, she pays for how much time…


Does Summer Start on June 20th . . . Or Whenever It Gets Hot Outside?

Summer officially starts on June 20th this year . . . according to, you know, scientists and whoever invented the calendar.  But does it REALLY? A new survey asked people when they think summer starts.  And 59% say it doesn’t start on a specific date like June 20th . . . there are other signs…


How Often Do YOU Call Mom? . . . And What Do YOU Call Her?

Maybe you’re planning to talk to your mom on Sunday.  And apparently, for about 1.5% of you . . . that’s the only time you’ll talk to her this year. Just in time for Mother’s Day, a new survey asked people how often they call or text their mom.  And of the people whose moms…




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