The Top Things We Need for a Long and Happy Life

Researchers talked to 2,000 people who are either retired, or approaching retirement age.  And they asked them to name the top things you need to have a long and happy life.  Here are the top ten . . . 1.  Being with someone who loves you. 2.  Staying close with your family. 3.  Laughing every…


A Guy with Special Needs Had No Family, So His Former Teacher Took Him In

Here’s a good story for back-to-school season.  And it’s a great reminder of just how much teachers care . . . There’s a 30-year-old guy in Waco, Texas named Chris Barrington who has a lot of special needs.  He only functions at about a six-year-old level.  And he’s never had a great home life either.…


The Average Person Now Gains 36 Pounds in a Long-Term Relationship

It turns out we don’t just get into relationships for emotional fulfillment . . . we’re TOTALLY in it for stomach fulfillment too. According to a new study, the average person now gains a delicious 36 POUNDS in a long-term relationship.  That number is both high and outstanding. And we don’t exactly wait to start…



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