It’s National Potato Day! What’s Your Favorite Way to Eat Them?

It’s National Potato Day.  And a new survey found only 2% of Americans DON’T like potatoes. The survey also asked people to name their favorite way to eat potatoes.  And #1 didn’t surprise us much.  Here are our ten favorite ways to eat potatoes . . . 1.  French fries, with 24% of the vote.…


What’s More Stressful: Holiday Shopping or Back-to-School Shopping?

Why do we get so stressed out buying pencils and pants? A new survey asked people which is more stressful: Holiday shopping . . . or back-to-school shopping? And believe it or not, more than one-third of people said it’s back-to-school shopping. And there’s more . . . 1. 26% of people say they expect…

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