We Spend $2,429 on Impulse Purchases Each Year . . . and Regret a Lot of Them

Impulse shopping is dangerous, especially right after payday. And a new study looked at how much the average person spends on stuff they don’t need . . . The average American now spends $2,429 a year on impulse purchases, according to the survey. Or just over $200 a month. And we buy about half the…


What’s the Most Popular Way to Cook Bacon? In a Pan or in the Oven?

An old poll a while back found 70% of the bacon we consume is eaten at breakfast.  11% is eaten at lunch, and 17% at dinner on things like burgers and salads.  The remaining 2% is eaten as a snack. So how do you COOK your bacon?  In a pan or in the oven?  A…

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