Here Are the Office Tasks We Hate Doing the Most

If you feel like you spend a lot of your time at the office copying stuff from one file to another . . . at least you’re not the only one. A new survey asked people what office tasks they hate doing the most. And here are the top five . . . 1. Manual…


Do You Always Put Your Shopping Cart Back? Or Only If It’s Convenient?

Here’s an interesting look at a mundane topic. Do you always return your shopping cart after you put your bags in the car? Or only sometimes? Well, someone actually studied this, and figured out there are FIVE different types of shopping cart returners. Here’s how it breaks down . . . 1. People who always…


You Might Get the Flu Twice This Year

The only good part about getting the flu is you build up antibodies, so you won’t get it again anytime soon. Or at least that’s USUALLY the case . . . According to a new report, we’re in the middle of what’s called a “double-barrel flu season.” And you’re much more likely to get the…

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