HOT 100 Because We Care

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Hot 100 Cares about & Because We Care,

A local non-profit that partners with more than 20 local police and fire departments in our area.

Because We Care supplies Police Officers and First Responders with customized Teddy

Bears, so when traumatic situations occur, they have something to give children

to provide a sense of comfort when they need it the most.

Every day, men and women in uniform respond to emergency situations involving children.

Officers and First Responders are the first interaction with children involved in these situations.

From car accidents and house fires to cases of neglect or abuse,

Hot 100 Cares about this cause and is asking for your help.

This is all you have to do…

Listen on Thursday, June 2nd to the 13 Hour Fundraiser on Hot 100.

Help Because We Care by giving Donations.

Donations are accepted at these sponsored locations:

5 Star Powersports / 5 Star Mitsubishi

Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries

Meadows Original Frozen Custard

Altoona Center for Nursing

Surplus City

Diberts Electronics

Hamer Auto Body & Towing

Allegheny Trade Company

Marianna’s Fundraisers

Burchfield’s Towing

and on Facebook @BecauseWeCareAltoona

All donations will go directly to purchasing the bears.

& Because We Care is working to build a positive relationship between

the men and women in uniform and the children right here in Blair County.

Help put a smile on a child’s face when they need it the most.

Hot 100 Cares about & Because We Care.