Carrie Underwood Experiences “Involuntary Body Spasms” When She Sings

CARRIE UNDERWOOD owns the stage when she performs.  One reason is because every fiber of her being is into the performance. She says, “I definitely use my whole body.  I have involuntary body spasms when I sing, which is funny because I don’t realize it when I’m actually singing.  When I look back at performances on…


Justin Moore on the Time His Wife Made Him Model “Teen Jeans”

JUSTIN MOORE is built like a 14-year-old boy.  Those are his words, not mine.  And that’s the cool part.  He’s five feet, six inches tall . . . but he doesn’t have a complex about it. There was even a story going around that his wife made him model a pair of “teen jeans” from her…


Trace Adkins Married His Girlfriend on Saturday, and Blake Shelton Was the Officiant

TRACE ADKINS married his girlfriend, Canadian actress VICTORIA PRATT on Saturday in New Orleans . . . and the guy who officiated it was his buddy, BLAKE SHELTON. Trace posted a photo of the happy moment.  Victoria is wearing a lovely white gown, while Trace is wearing a lovely black cowboy hat, along with boots, a black jacket, and jeans.  Blake’s…