Jon Pardi Could See Himself Opening a Bar in Florida

We may have reached our limit of country stars opening bars in downtown Nashville.  JON PARDI was asked about it, but he thinks the area is saturated.  If he ever did open something, it would be much farther south. Quote, “If we did do a bar . . . I don’t want it to be in Nashville.…


39% of People Still Have Their Holiday Decorations Up

It’s January 10th, and some people STILL have their holiday decorations up . . . despite it being nearly three weeks since Christmas. In a poll, 39% of people said they still have Christmas decorations up . . . 18% haven’t put ANYTHING away, while 21% have started putting things away, but have yet to finish.…


Maren Morris Is Afraid of Cockroaches, and Her Favorite Movie Is “Fight Club”

MAREN MORRIS¬†played a game of “21 Questions”, and we found out some interesting things.¬† Here a few of the highlights: 3.  What’s one thing you hope to do in 2022?  “I hope to NOT fall on stage.” 6.  Favorite movie to watch over and over?  “I watch ‘Fight Club’ every time it’s on.” 9.  What’s your biggest fear?  “Cockroaches.  If there’s…