Kelsea Ballerini Opened up About Her Eating Disorder

KELSEA BALLERINI’s new book of poetry, “Feel Your Way Through“, came out yesterday.  If you want to know more about her, this is the book.  She opens up about family, relationships, body image, self-love, and sexuality. One poem, “Kangaroo”, reveals how she’s struggled with an eating disorder.  Like many girls she had “body image issues” when she was…


What’s Up with Carrie Underwood’s “Stretchy Pants” Song?

Are you one of the CARRIE UNDERWOOD fans wondering what happened to her comedic holiday song “Stretchy Pants”?   It was supposed to come out on Friday, but never did.  People pre-paid for it, but it disappeared from the streaming platforms.  A thread on the fan forum, is filled with those people.  One said:  “I can’t play it anymore…


The Largest Candy Corn Factory Has Been Hacked

Halloween is just around the corner, and candy corn lovers everywhere SHOULD be experiencing PEAK JOY.  But that joy is under ATTACK. A company in Chicago called Ferrara Candy makes Brach’s candy corn, which accounts for 85% of the country’s candy corn market.  And earlier this month, they were HACKED. They were hit with a…