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Luke Combs and His Wife Are Not Interested in Hiring a Night Nurse

People have been telling Luke Combs and his wife to hire a “night nurse” to help care for their son Tex, who was born on Father’s Day.  Here’s Luke’s answer to that . . . “We’re gonna do it on our own.  This child didn’t have a choice to be born.  You know, it was…


Tyler Hubbard Explains the Time Capsule Items in His “35’s” Video

Tyler Hubbard’s video for his song “35’s” shows him digging up a time capsule box.  But it wasn’t a prop.  He buried the real thing when he was around eight years old.   He posted a show-and-tell explaining the significance of what he put in it.  There was a Bible, which he considers his life map . . .…


The Most-Feared Bug of the Summer Is . . . Mosquitoes

A survey asked people what BUG they’re fearing the most this summer. 45% of people said the “most-feared” bugs this summer are MOSQUITOES . . . 17% said FLIES, especially the ones that bite . . . and wasps and bees were tied for third place, with 14% of the vote each. The survey also mentioned people…