Wednesdays: Altoona Volunteer Sportsmen’s Club Shotgun Shoots

Shotgun Shoots: 
The Altoona Volunteer Sportsmen’s Club will hold Shotgun Shoots each Wed. at 7 pm from Sept. 7 – Nov. 23. Cost is $15 for 5 meat rounds and 1 money round. Located at 1448 Veterans Memorial Hwy Altoona approx. 1. 5 miles from the Allegro Restaurant, heading towards the Horseshoe Curve.  Doors open at 5 pm, event starts a 7 pm and it’s open to the public. Follow us on Facebook at Altoona Volunteer Sportsmen’s Assoc.

Wish Hunt Benefit Shoot & Basket Fundraiser: 
The Altoona Volunteer Sportsmen’s Club & Loop Sportsmen’s Club are holding a “Wish Hunt” Benefit Shotgun Shoot & Basket Fundraiser on Sunday, Oct. 16th at 2 pm. The event will be held at the Loop Sportsmen’s Club in Hollidaysburg. The money raised will send a child with a life-threatening illness or major health issue on a Wish Hunt of their dreams.  Open to the public! Cost is $20 to shoot. Event info on the Altoona Volunteer Sportsmen’s Assoc. Facebook page.