Hollidaysburg Heritage Guided Tours – October 23rd, and November 6th

Sharing Hollidaysburg’s Heritage!
Hollidaysburg Heritage Guided Tours is offering two engaging tours this
fall; Port Hollidaysburg and Historic Homes Guided Tours. Remaining tours are scheduled for October 9 and 23,
and November 6. Starting point is the US Hotel, 401 S. Juniata Street in Hollidaysburg.
Optional Brunch is offered, from 11AM – Noon, with choice of tour following, 12:15 – 1:45 PM.


Tours are recommended for anyone interested in history, architecture, engineering marvels,
or just an enjoyable, educational event.
The Hollidaysburg community captures the essence of the dynamic history of the United
States in the mid-1800’s; The development of a mighty nation through hard work, ingenuity,
innovation and perseverance. The birth, growth and continuing renaissance of the
community of Hollidaysburg illustrates this national phenomenon. Experience this aweinspiring
story, while walking and hearing details of the pioneers’ lives and monumental
human achievements.
Adam and William Holiday migrated to “The Western Frontier” … take a tour for the rest of
the story! More information and tickets are available online: hhgtours.org. Cost is $12 per
person for tour only; $24 includes brunch with your choice of the Port or Homes tour.
“We want to share the remarkable stories of the past, keeping the town’s rich heritage
alive.” Honorable Judge Jolene Kopriva, HHGT Board Member
Hollidaysburg Heritage Guided Tours are brought to you by a dedicated group of volunteers
striving to share the fascinating history of the region by immersing participants in a walk
through history. Ticket cost is to defray expenses. Tours are managed by the Hollidaysburg
Area Public Library, and any proceeds will benefit the library.

Ticket Info: http://HHGTours.org
Event Website: http://HHGTours.org