Local News 10/28/22

News For Fri Oct 28, 2022

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will make a rare campaign appearance together duo today to help Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman.  Biden and Harris typically don’t travel together but they’ll both be in Philadelphia today to help Fetterman after a rough outing in his debate Tuesday night with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz.  Fetterman showed the lingering effects of the stroke he suffered in May as he struggled at times to answer questions.  Fetterman has led Oz in polls all year but his stroke has led to some uncertainty among Democrats about whether he can close the campaign with a victory.

It wasn’t the jackpot the player was hoping for but someone who purchased a Powerball ticket this week in Lawrenceville has won 100-thousand dollars.  Lottery officials say the winning ticket purchased for Wednesday night’s drawing was sold in the gift shop at UPMC Children’s Hospital.  The winner has one year to collect their prize.

The lottery also reports four other tickets sold in Pennsylvania won a decent chunk of change. matched four of the numbers and the actual Powerball number to win $50,000.

No jackpot tickets were sold this time around, meaning the next Powerball drawing on Saturday, Oct. 29, will be worth an estimated $800 million. The prize is now over half the size of the largest pot in Powerball history, $1.5 billion.

A new law has been passed by the Senate for the Pennsylvania Turnpike to hold those that have outstanding fees more accountable.

WTAJ-TV reports House Bill 1486 lowers the thresholds that trigger registration suspensions for Pennsylvania vehicle owners with unpaid tolls and fees. It drops the limit from 500 dollars of unpaid tolls and fees to 250 dollars, and the legislation will take effect 60 days after it is signed into law.

Besides lowering the dollar threshold, the legislation also lowers the number of unpaid Toll By Plate invoices or violations from six to four and also extends the statute of limitations for unpaid invoices or violations from three to five years.

Four additional schools in our area have joined a growing list of schools, nationally, that have filed federal lawsuits against the e-cigarette company Juul, alleging that they intentionally targeted young people and used deceitful advertising practices.

WJAC is reporting that Court records show  Bedford Area, Berlin Brothersvalley, Penn Cambria and Greater Johnstown Career & Tech Center have now filed lawsuits.

Earlier this month, Meyersdale Area and Greater Johnstown school districts filed their own individual suits against the company.

The suits accuse the company of luring younger people into vaping with flavors like strawberry and mixed berry, and the schools say kids vaping impacts them in several ways.