Brian Johnson 10/28/22

Brian Johnson revealed that he still wasn’t sure he had snagged the frontman role in AC/DC — even after recording 1980’s Back In Black album.

We caught up with Johnson, who just published his memoir, The Lives Of Brian, and he shed light on where he and the band stood after recording at Nassau’s Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas: [“It was just so businesslike. It was, like, ‘You can go home now, we’re done with you — ‘Ah, okay (laughs).’ Y’know, it was a case of, ‘Well, let’s just see.’ I think everybody wanted to see what the album was like, y’know? ‘Cause there was still time to pull out and get someone else in. I’m not sayin’ that’s what they were thinkin’ — but I’m just saying that could’ve been the prevailing feelings, y’know? It was a strange time, ’cause there I was — I was back in Newcastle. People go, ‘Well — what happened?’ I didn’t even have a copy (of the album)! I mean, it wasn’t even mixed then”] SOUNDCUE (:36 OC. . . even mixed then)


  • Brian Johnson revealed that he still wasn’t sure he had snagged the frontman role in AC/DC – even after recording 1980’s Back In Black album.


  • Back In Black was released on July 25th, 1980. It was the AC/DC‘s first set without lead singer Bon Scott, who had died on February 19th, 1980 at age 33, after passing out and choking on his own vomit following a long night of drinking.
  • The album, produced by “Mutt” Lange, took off, and eventually sold over 25 million copies in the U.S. All told, Back In Black spent a whopping 22 weeks in the Billboard 200 Top Ten.
  • Back In Black included the singles “You Shook Me All Night Long,” which peaked at Number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Back In Black,” which topped out at Number 37.
  • Despite its massive success, Back In Black never got higher than Number Four on the album charts.
  • Back In Black, which has sold 25 million copies to date, is at Number Five on the list of the biggest selling albums in the U.S.