Local News 10/27/22

News For Thurs Oct 27, 2022

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman is claiming the closed captioning system at his debate with Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz was slow and filled with errors. The host, Nextstar is refuting the allegations.

As Fetterman is recovering from his stroke in May, he has struggled with auditory processing issues and clear speech, the release says. To compensate, Oz and Fetterman agreed to using closed captioning for their debate.

Following the statement, Nextstar said Fetterman failed to use his all the opportunities presented to him and only showed up for one of the two rehearsals offered to both candidates.

Fetterman’s campaign is reporting that it collected one-million dollars in donations in the three hours following Tuesday night’s candidate debate.

Polls have shown the contest to be a tight one between Fetterman and Oz.

Election Day is Tues Nov 8th.

Former President Donald Trump will return to the Keystone State at least one more time ahead of Election Day.  Trump has announced plans for a rally to be held November 5th at the Arnold Palmer airport in Westmoreland County.  The former president hopes to provide one last boost to the campaigns of Republican candidates Doug Mastriano and Mehmet Oz before the election.

A Freedom Township family has been left homeless after a fire broke out early Wednesday morning, destroying three mobile homes, including the home the family was moving out of and the home they were planning to move into

The Altoona Mirror Reports The Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company arrived at the scene just off Chevrolet Drive about 4:15 a.m. and were soon joined by multiple Blair County fire departments to fight the blaze.

Freedom Township Deputy Fire Chief Tim James said.

It took about 45 minutes for the fire to be brought under control, he said, with it ending as a brush fire that went over a hill into Clark’s Auto Salvage, destroying two vehicles.

The fire marshal, along with Altoona’s fire dog , inspected the scene, and officials ruled the fire an accident, James said.

Clorox is recalling several types of Pine-Sol cleaners.  The company announced this week that over 37-million bottles of Pine-Sol may be contaminated with a bacteria that can cause serious infections in humans.  The bacteria can enter the body if inhaled, through the eyes, or through openings on the skin.  Recalled products will have a date code on the top of the bottle that begins with the prefix ‘A4’ followed by a five digit number less than “2-2-2-4-9.”  A detailed list of which cleaners are affected can be found online.