News Headlines 10/21/22

LEGAL CHALLENGES TO STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS HIT SNAGS: Two attempts to stop the Biden Administration from launching its plan to forgive some student loan debts have run into snags in court. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett, acting alone, rejected without comment a challenge from a Wisconsin taxpayer’s association. The action means that the full court will not take up the case. In Missouri, a federal district court judge dismissed a case brought by six Republican states arguing that President Biden did not have the authority to cancel the debts. The student loan relief program is expected to begin as soon as this Sunday.

FORMER VEEP COOLS ON TRUMP: Former Vice President Mike Pence may be carefully edging away from former President Donald Trump. Or, he may be signaling his own intention to run for president. Most likely, it’s both. In an appearance at Georgetown University, Pence was asked by a student if he would vote for Trump if he ran in the 2024 presidential election. Pence replied: “There might be somebody else I prefer.” The former vice president is on a speaking tour and is campaigning on behalf of Republican candidates in races across the country.

SEATTLE’S AIR IS WORLD’S WORST: Seattle had the worst air quality in the world yesterday for the second day in a row. The air throughout the Pacific Northwest is clogged with smoke from nine wildfires burning in Washington state and Oregon. IQAir, a Swiss air quality technology company, rated Seattle’s air as “very unhealthy,” rating it worse than notoriously polluted cities in Pakistan, China and India. Local agencies have warned Seattle residents to limit outdoor exposure.

(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)