News Headlines 10/07/22


BIDEN PARDONS THOUSANDS CONVICTED OF MARIJUANA POSSESSION: President Joe Biden has issued a mass pardon of people convicted in the past of violating the federal law or District of Columbia statute prohibiting simple possession of marijuana. The order will wipe clean the criminal records of about 6,500 people convicted under federal law, and thousands more convicted under the local statute. He also called on the states to provide similar relief for the much larger numbers convicted under state marijuana laws. 

  • Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, while recreational use is legal in 19 states and medical marijuana is legal in a dozen others. Five states have legalization on the ballot for next month’s midterm elections.
  • The president also ordered a review of the designation of marijuana as a “Class A substance” under federal law. That is the same classification used for heroin, and higher than the classification for fentanyl or methamphetamine.
  • Online rumors spread immediately that Biden had legalized marijuana. He didn’t.

PROUD BOYS LEADER PLEADS GUILTY TO SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY: A leader of the far-right extremist group Proud Boys pleaded guilty to federal charges of seditious conspiracy related to the January 6th 2020 riots at the U.S. Capitol. Jeremy Bertino is reported to be cooperating with the Justice Department investigation into the group’s activities. Bertino was not at the January 6th, 2020 riot at the U.S. Capitol but was apparently involved in its planning and execution. Bertino may be eligible for witness protection, according to his plea agreement.

MAYHEM ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP: Two people were stabbed to death and six more were wounded by a single attacker armed with a kitchen knife on the Las Vegas strip yesterday. Witnesses said that some of the victims were showgirls who pose for pictures with tourists outside the casinos. A suspect has been arrested.

MASSACRE OF CHILDREN ROCKS THAILAND: A former policeman wielding a knife and a gun killed 36 people, most of them children, at a daycare center in Thailand yesterday. He then went home, where he killed his wife and stepson before killing himself. Thai officials said the man had been suspended from his job due to possession of drugs. The attack occurred in a northeastern province of the country.

(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)