News Headlines 10/6/22


PRESIDENT TOURS FLORIDA DEVASTATION: President Joe Biden went to Fort Myers, Florida, yesterday, to see some of the worst of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida. The visit marked a brief ceasefire in his relationship with Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, a frequent critic and possible rival for the presidency in 2024. DeSantis praised the White House for its quick work in getting help to the disaster-stricken area. At least 109 people are confirmed dead in the storm, and more may be found as a door-to-door search continues. 

RUSSIAN TROOPS BOLT AS UKRAINIANS ADVANCE: Ukrainian forces are continuing to take back areas of the country claimed by Russia, and Russian soldiers are said to be fleeing as the Ukrainians advance. The Ukrainians are reported to have taken back dozens of villages in border regions that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country has annexed. The Ukrainians reported that they have discovered evidence of extensive destruction, mass burial sites, and torture chambers in the towns they have retaken.

OPEC PLUS CUTS OIL PRODUCTION:  OPEC Plus, the international cartel of oil producers that includes Russia, has announced a big cut in their output of oil in order to force gasoline prices around the world higher. The oil ministers cut production by two million barrels a day despite intense lobbying from American foreign policy officials. White House talking points obtained by CNN called the OPEC move a “total disaster” that could be taken as a “hostile act.” The agreement is particularly beneficial to Russia. The White House immediately announced an increase in its release from the Strategic Oil Reserve.

COURT KILLS OBAMA-ERA ‘PATH TO CITIZENSHIP’: A federal appeals court has ruled that an Obama-era immigration policy is illegal. The 2012 executive action permitted people brought to this country as children to stay on and work here legally. The appeals court did not order the deportation of any of the 600,000 people currently here under the program. However, it confirmed a lower court ruling barring the enrollment of any additional people in the program. The U.S. Justice Department indicated it would appeal.

(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)