Beach Boys 9/28/22

Set for release on November 18th is the Beach Boys‘ latest era encompassing box set, titled, Sail On Sailor – 1972. The package follows last year’s critically acclaimed Feel Flows collection and will be available as a six-CD Super Deluxe Edition along with a five-LP, seven-inch EP vinyl box set. The box includes a 12.5-inch-by-10-inch hardback book featuring liner notes and rare and previously-unseen photos.

The five-LP set includes a reproduction of the original Holland promotional book telling the story of the making of the album and four collectable lithographs. Sail On Sailor – 1972 will also be available digitally and in abbreviated vinyl and CD versions.

The collection includes remastered versions of the band’s 1972 album, Carl And The Passions – “So Tough” and the following year’s Holland. In addition to co-founders BrianDennis, and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine, the albums featured the group’s then-latest recruits — South African musicians Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar. The pair, along with their band the Flame, had been signed to the Beach Boys’ Brother Records imprint.

Sail On Sailor features newly remixed outtakes and alternate versions from both albums’ sessions — including the legendary “holy grail” audio moment featuring the 1971 cassette recording of Brian Wilson composing “Sail On Sailor.”

Among the many draws to the set is the first official release of the Beach Boys’ November 23rd, 1972 Carnegie Hall concert featuring all the songs the band tackled over the two shows performed that Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

David Leaf, the author of the just-updated, critically acclaimed biography, God Only Knows: The Story Of Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys And The California Myth, shed light on where the Beach Boys and their fans found themselves in 1972: [“We’ve had two great albums in a row. (1970’s) Sunflower, which was probably the best Beach Boys album of the past 50-something years, followed by (1971’s) Surf’s Up, which is a terrific record — but it suffered from the absence of Dennis Wilson. So Dennis returns for Carl & The Passions, Brian has a role with two great new songs — ‘Marcella’ and ‘You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone.’ Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fattar, who are now official Beach Boys, each contribute songs recorded at a different studio. There’s a loving piece (‘All This Is That’) from Al, Carl, and Mike with great vocals. But the genuine surprise of 1972 is that there are two epic songs from Dennis Wilson. Ending the album with ‘Cuddle Up’ is just, just spectacular.”] SOUNDCUE (:45 OC: . . . just just spectacular)

In 1971, legendary Beach Boys photographer Ed Roach had been in Brian Wilson’s home studio the day before recording a band he was producing from back home in Brooklyn. He popped by the next day and eavesdropped on history in the making: [“When I got to Bellagio (Road), I buzzed the gate, and (Brian’s then-wife) Marilyn (Wilson) buzzed me right in. And I could hear right away that Brian was in the studio workin’. And he was in there composing ‘Sail On Sailor’ with Van Dyke Parks. And I sat down. I sat down on the curb outside the studio, and honestly, I lit up a joint, I sat there — and, gosh — at least a half-an-hour, or 45 minutes, or so, I just sat there on the curb right outside Bellagio listening to him and Van Dyke work. While I sat there listening, obviously, what appears on that demo is what I was listening to Van and Brian record that day.”] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . record that day)

Beach Boys producer and archivist Alan Boyd explained how in 1972, then-manager Jack Rieley chose the shake up the band and its Bel Air-based recording operations in order to move the group in a new direction by transplanting them to Holland: [“Jack Rieley had this idea — if he could get all the Beach Boys together in unfamiliar, neutral territory, someplace completely different than any place they’ve ever experienced before, it might foster a sense of group unity and help them create an album that was really an album. As opposed to a collection of whatever songs they happened to have finished (laughs) in time for a deadline — which is basically what Carl & The Passions was. So, he came up with this incredibly ambitious idea to move the whole group to Europe.”] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . group to Europe)

Beach Boys creative consultant and writer Howie Edelson touched upon the band’s historic November 1972 Carnegie Hall performances, which are featured for the first time on the new box set: [“The Beach Boys’ Carnegie Hall shows have always represented a vindication or return to form for the group’s legacy. There’s no way you can listen to their performances from Thanksgiving night ’72 and not be stunned by how incredibly hot and smart this ensemble was. I mean, no other veteran band that was left for dead commercially was able to capture the imagination of not only a whole new audience — but lure their original long gone fans back. The Beach Boys — especially in this era — were really an unstoppable force with creativity just bouncing and sparking off them like mad.”] SOUNDCUE (:41 OC: . . . them like mad)

We asked bandmember Blondie Chaplin what Beach Boys fans made of him and Ricky Fataar not only joining the band onstage and contributing to their albums — but becoming the band’s final official members: [“In hindsight I thought they — yeah, they didn’t mind, for some reason. Y’know, I mean, it’s ‘Beach Boy,’ but, Ricky — he was 21, I was 20. They seemed to like it, but it was that limited amount of time. I don’t know, I think people seemed to think it’s okay that these two guys from apartheid-ville were hanging out.”] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . were hanging out)

Beach Boys producer and engineer Mark Linett offered up a peak into how the group’s massive archives are handled in preparation for reissues and expanded projects such as Sail On Sailor: [“We have been slowly digitally archiving all the tapes in the Beach Boys’ archives to high-resolution, digital, Pro Tools session. This makes it possible to instantly retrieve anything we’ve transferred, which is probably about 95 percent of what’s there. And as far as these big projects, it means that we already have a very good idea of what’s there. We don’t have to go pull out a 10-foot-high pile of tapes and do a bunch of transfers.”] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . bunch of transfers)


  • Set for release on November 18th is the Beach Boys‘ latest era encompassing box set, titled, Sail On Sailor – 1972.


The “Super Deluxe” tracklisting to The Beach Boys’ Sail On Sailor is:

Disc One:
Carl And The Passions – “So Tough”:

1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
2. Here She Comes
3. He Come Down
4. Marcella
5. Hold On Dear Brother
6. Make It Good
7. All This Is That
8. Cuddle Up

Carl And The Passions – “So Tough” – Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)

9. The Road Not Taken (demo – previously unreleased)
10. All This Is That (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
11. He Come Down (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
12. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (track and backing vocals)
13. Marcella (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
14. Make It Good (alternate mix with Intro – previously unreleased)
15. Cuddle Up (alternate mix – previously unreleased)
16. Carl and the Passions /Pet Sounds Promo (1972)

Disc Two:

1. Sail On Sailor
2. Steamboat
3. California Saga – Big Sur
4. California Saga – The Beaks Of Eagles
5. California Saga – California
6. The Trader
7. Leaving This Town
8. Only With You
9. Funky Pretty

“Mount Vernon And Fairway (A Fairytale)”
By Brian Wilson
(Please listen in the dark)

10. Mount Vernon And Fairway Theme
11. I’m The Pied Piper – Instrumental
12. Better Get Back In Bed
13. Magic Transistor Radio
14. I’m The Pied Piper
15. Radio King Dom

Holland – Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)

16. We Got Love (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
17. Hard Time (previously unreleased)
18. Carry Me Home (previously unreleased)
19. California Saga – The Beaks Of Eagles (1973 single mix – previously unreleased)
20. California Saga – California (1973 single mix)
21. Sail On Sailor (track – previously unreleased 2022 mix)
22. Holland Promo 1 (1973)

Disc Three
The Beach Boys Live At Carnegie Hall (Previously Unreleased)
November 23, 1972

1st Set

1. Concert Intro: Jack Rieley
2. Sloop John B
3. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
4. Leaving This Town
5. Darlin’
6. Only With You
7. Heroes and Villains
8. Long Promised Road
9. Don’t Worry, Baby
10. Student Demonstration Time
11. I Get Around

Disc Four
The Beach Boys Live At Carnegie Hall (Previously Unreleased)
November 23, 1972

2nd Set

1. Intro to 2nd Set: Jack Rieley
2. Marcella
3. California Saga – California
4. Help Me, Rhonda
5. Let The Wind Blow
6. Medley: Wonderful / Don’t Worry, Bill
7. God Only Knows
8. Do It Again
9. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
10. Wild Honey
11. Good Vibrations
12. California Girls
13. Surfin’ USA
14. Fun Fun Fun
15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Disc Five
1972 Sessions (Previously Unreleased)

1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (a Capella mix – previously unreleased)
2. Marcella (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
3. Here She Comes (session excerpt – previously unreleased)
4. Here She Comes (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
5. He Come Down (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
6. Hold On Dear Brother (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
7. Steamboat (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
8. California Saga – California (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
9. The Trader (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
10. The Trader (second section a Cappella – previously unreleased)
11. Only With You (alternate mix – previously unreleased)
12. Funky Pretty (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
13. Sail On Sailor (songwriting session – previously unreleased)
14. Sail On Sailor (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
15. Out In The Country (version 1) (previously unreleased)
16. Out In The Country (version 2) (previously unreleased)
17. Oh Sweet Something (previously unreleased)
18. Spark in the Dark (previously unreleased track)
19. Rooftop Harry (previously unreleased track)
18. Body Talk (Grease Job)  (previously unreleased track)
19. Holland Promo 2 (1973)

Disc Six
Live Bonus Tracks

1. We Got Love (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
2. California Saga – Big Sur (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
3. Funky Pretty (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
4. The Trader (Live 1975 – previously unreleased)
5. Sail On Sailor (Live 1975 – previously unreleased)
6. All This Is That (Live 1993 – previously unreleased)

“Mount Vernon And Fairway (A Fairytale)” Sessions
(Previously Unreleased)

7. Fairy Tale Music (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
8. Pa Let Her Go Out (Better Get Back In Bed alternate version with intro – previously unreleased)
9. I’m The Pied Piper (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
10. Radio King Dom (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
11. I’m The Pied Piper (alternate take spoken section – previously unreleased)
12. Medley: Mount Vernon and Fairway Theme / A Casual Look (session excerpt – previously unreleased)

1972 Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)

13. Little Child (Daddy Dear) (Holland home recording)
14. Susie Cincinnati (Holland home recording)
15. Medley: Gimme Some Lovin’ / I Need Your Love

“California Saga” Trilogy

16. California Saga – Big Sur
17. California Saga – The Beaks of Eagles (2022 edit – previously unreleased)
18. California Saga – California
19. Carry Me Home (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
20. All This Is That (a Capella alternate verse – previously unreleased)