Local News 9/22/22

News 9-22-22

A Cambria County woman pled guilty in federal court for conspiring to sell cocaine, heroin and fetanyl following a multi state drug trafficking bust.

WTAJ-TV reports 39 year old Amber Linafelt pleaded guilty in federal court this week. Linafelt’s sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 19, 2023. The law requires a minimum sentence of five years and a max of 40 years in prison, a fine of $5 million, or both.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has a plan to go green.  Department leaders say all the electricity they use will come from renewable sources by 2030.  Planners have completed 23 solar power generation projects for DNCR, with another 18 in the design or under construction.  The department oversees one-hundred-21 state parks and more than two-million acres of forest land.

Three members of an Amish family were killed in a farming accident in Centre County Wednesday morning.

WJAC-TV reports that Centre County Coronor Scott Sayers says the victims were 47 year old Andrew Beiler and his two sons ages 14 and 19.  The coroner says the three men died of  asphyxiation from gasses inside a silo and their deaths have been ruled accidental.

Penn State University police have filed charges against a professor for stalking women on campus.  WTAJ TV reports that 36 year old Brandon Schwartz of Lemon would follow woman up stairs and use his cell phone to try to capture photos up their skirts.  The police have details of at least 15 different instances where the research professor was harassing women.Schwartz faces numerous charges of stalking and an invasion of privacy.

A preliminary hearing for Schwartz is scheduled for Oct. 19.