Local Headlines 9/21/22

News 9-21-22

The Blair County DUI Task force released a statement that this week that they will be conducting Sobriety checkpoints, roving patrols and their cops in shops program.  That is where officers pose as employees or customers at six pack stores or distributors in an attempt to deter liquor law violations.

The Blair County DUI task force is committed to reducing the number of alcohol related crashes, injuries and deaths in Blair County.

The Pennsylvania Department of State is looking to get all eligible voters in PA registered before the November election.  Some hot-button political issues have driven more young people to register over the past several months.  According to the state’s numbers, roughly 40-thousand first-time voters  registered since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in June.  As of a week ago, more than eight-point-seven million Pennsylvanians are registered with more than a month to go before the November 8th midterm election. 

The School Bus Contractor for the Spring Cove School District told the school board this week they are in desperate need of school bus drivers.

The Altoona Mirror reports Charles Maxwell the CEO of Maxwell Transit Systems alerted the school board that its driver situation is “the worst it has ever been,” 

The company services 20 school bus routes for the district, and for 14 of them, they only actually have 10 drivers. 

To make matters worse, MTS had eight applicants going through class during the summer but only two completed the full course.

A new lead testing measure is gaining support in the capitol.

The Lead-Free Promise Project is endorsing Senate Bill 522 to better protect children against lead poisoning.  The “Childhood Blood Lead Test Act” would establish state requirements for lead testing that could potentially save thousands of children.  Less than a third of Pennsylvania kids under the age of two were screened for lead in their blood in 2018.  Less than one-fifth of children under the age of six have been tested. Pennsylvania Lottery Players – Tonight’s Powerball Top-Prize is Estimated At $251 Million dollars.  It has been 7 weeks since anyone matched all of the winning numbers in the multi-state lottery