Luke Combs Refunded Everyone’s Tickets Because of Vocal Issues . . . Then Played the Gig Anyway

This is the kind of thing that makes fans love you even more:  Luke Combs had two concerts in Bangor, Maine this weekend . . . one Friday, and one Saturday.  But the one on Saturday ended up being shorter.

He went so hard Friday night that his voice was shot.  And by Saturday evening, he knew he wasn’t 100%.  But instead of phoning it in, he decided to refund everyone’s tickets . . . and still performed.

He was visibly upset on stage, and told the crowd it just didn’t feel right to charge them.  So he was giving everyone a refund . . . but promised that he and his band were still going to, quote, “put on the best FREE show” they possibly could.

Later in the concert, he said it means a lot that fans spend their hard-earned cash to be there, especially when times are tough.  And he knows it requires things like babysitters and hotel rooms too.

That’s why he felt like he needed to be on stage and go all out, even with half a voice.