Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope Called Out Jason Aldean’s Wife for Making Transphobic Comments

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany is getting backlash after making “transphobic comments” on social media.

Brittany posted a video of herself doing her makeup . . . and in the caption she said, “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase.  I love this girly life.” 

Jason responded, quote, “LMAO!  I’m glad they didn’t too, ’cause you and I wouldn’t have worked out.”

Some of Brittany’s followers thought it was funny too, but others . . . including Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope . . . called her out, saying that her comment was unnecessarily hurtful to transgender youth.

Maren said, “[It] sucks when Karens try to hide their homophobia / transphobia behind their ‘protectiveness of the children.'”  And Cassadee said it was “real nice” seeing her compare her “tomboy phase” to an actual transgender person.

Maren’s husband Ryan Hurd said, “Scoring quick points by picking on trans kids isn’t something that is brave at all.”  And Brandi Carlile thanked Maren for speaking up.

But Brittany is not taking it back.  She’s been repeating her stance after the backlash.

She shared a post about how you have to be 18 to be in the military . . . 18 to buy cigarettes . . . 18 to vote . . . and 21 to drink alcohol . . . but, quote, “To take life-altering hormone blockers and / or irreversible surgery . . . a child can choose??”

She also argued that she thinks it’s child abuse to entertain children who believe they’re transgender.