Beatles 8/2/22

Details are sketchy and unconfirmed — but two major Beatles box sets might be coming our way over the next few months. 

Beatlefan magazine has heard from two sources that “a multi-disc Revolver box set is planned for October 26th or October 28th.” Producer Giles Martin revealed last year that a Revolver set was in the works — but no official announcement has been made.

Also said to be released around John Lennon‘s 82nd birthday on October 9th is the already-announced Some Time In New York City box set — which was also previously said to be coming this year but with zero additional details. Beatlefan’s source stated the set will be “including some sort of Blu-ray disc.” Again, no official word has been offered from either Lennon’s label or estate.

Elephants Memory bassist Gary Von Scyoc (pronounced: Von SY-ock) recorded several albums with John Lennon and Yoko Ono — and is featured on 1972’s Some Time In New York City. He recalled Lennon moving swiftly once he was geared up to record: [“He respected us individually as players, and he knew no matter what, if he brought us a song, we were gonna come up with something. As far as John coming with those tunes, he used to come the night of, with a new song, every night — for two weeks straight. That’s how we cut the album. Live in the studio is a whole new thing, because we started laying down the tracks, maybe a half-an-hour after we heard it for the first time.”] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . the first time)


  • According to reports, a Beatles Revolver box set is being prepped for the fall.


  • The Beatles‘ Revolver was released on August 8th, 1966 and became the group’s ninth American Number One album, hitting the top spot on September 10th, 1966 and stayed at Number One for six weeks.
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono‘s Some Time In New York City, which rose to only Number 48 on the Billboard 200 albums charts, was the third lowest charting album of the post-Beatles solo careers in the 1970’s.