Tyler Hubbard Explains the Time Capsule Items in His “35’s” Video

Tyler Hubbard’s video for his song “35’s” shows him digging up a time capsule box.  But it wasn’t a prop.  He buried the real thing when he was around eight years old.  

He posted a show-and-tell explaining the significance of what he put in it.  There was a Bible, which he considers his life map . . . and a toy car.  It had childhood photos, including a pic of him and his dad, whom he lost when he was 20.

He included the debut album of BlackHawk, which was one of the first CDs he ever owned, and wore out.  And lastly, there was a note written by his younger self.  He didn’t read the actual note, but he did explain what it represents.

“It was a reminder to stay young and remember where you came from and make sure you stay rooted in your values and who you know you are.  And this, for me, kind of represents a lot of the work I’ve done over the years.”

(Watch Tyler’s show-and-tell here.)