There Are No Beer Songs on Luke Combs’ New Album

LUKE COMBS and beer, they go together like, “Cold Beer Calling My Name”“Beer Never Broke My Heart”, and, well, you get it.  What’s the point? 

His new album, “Growin’ Up”, is out next week, and he tells The New York Times there are no beer songs on it.  There are references to his favorite beverage, but no songs about it.  It’s because the album reflects how his life has been changing. 

“I’m in this transitional phase where there are days that I’m like, ‘I could crush 100 beers tonight at a bar and play for five hours.’  Other nights, I don’t want to get off the couch.  I want to hang with my wife and get ready to have this kid.”

Don’t worry, the album WILL still be 100% Luke, because he knows his fans are counting on him.  He adds, quote, “Let’s say [my album] ‘This One’s for You’ is what a lot of people that like me fell in love with.

“If I put out an album that’s completely different, those people would be like, ‘I bought this grape Gatorade and now it tastes like limes.'”