A Guy Walked Into a Burger King and It Was Empty, Because No One Showed Up for Work?

There have been a lot of issues with staffing shortages during the pandemic.  But for one Burger King, it wasn’t just a shortage . . . it was a FULL-ON OUTAGE.

A guy walked into a Burger King in Pittsburgh on Friday, and no one was there.  He went through the drive-thru . . . then walked inside . . . and even opened the door to the kitchen.  The whole place was completely empty . . . in the afternoon.

The local news caught wind of it, and they say that only ONE PERSON showed up to work that day . . . and when they saw they were alone, they QUIT on the spot, apparently without locking the door on their way out.

A manager eventually showed up to lock the place until it could be staffed.

A Burger King rep is downplaying the problem.  They say the shift leader had to leave due to a family emergency . . . sent the team home . . . and the door was inadvertently left unlocked.

But a local official says it might be a sign of the times . . . a lot of people left the workforce during the pandemic . . . and businesses will have to adapt.