A Man Has Had a Big Mac Almost Every Day for 50 Years

If you’re a McDonald’s fan, you may have heard of Don Gorske from Wisconsin.  He’s held the Guinness World Record for the most Big Macs eaten since 1999.  And now, he’s officially been at it for 50 YEARS.

He averages two Big Macs a day, and he keeps receipts for every order . . . dating back to 1972.  So he can tell you that in 50 years, there have only been EIGHT DAYS when he hasn’t had at least one Big Mac.  As of Tuesday, he’s eaten 32,944 Big Macs . . . and he always has them with a side of Coca-Cola.

He says, “All through life, a lot of people said, ‘You’ll be dead before you reach 50 years of eating Big Macs.’  I guess I proved them wrong.”  And he is NOT stopping at this milestone.  He says he’ll continue eating Big Macs until he dies.