Luke Bryan on Working 15-Hour Days in His Dad’s Peanut Mill

 We’ve heard LUKE BRYAN talk about working on his father’s farm.  But did you know his dad also owned a fertilizer company and a peanut mill?  He talked about it in an interview on Apple Music Country.

“In the fall, during harvest, we would work at the peanut mill.  It was 15-hour days, breathing dust.  It’s crazy because I was 24, 25 years old, and I remember physically feeling like I had been in a gang fight, [or] played a football game.  

“That’s how hard we were working.  It was 24/7 and just working constantly during peanut season.”  But he still found time to chase his dream.  He adds, “But I was still gigging.  I was still playing concerts Fridays and Saturday nights.

“I’d be in the damn peanut mill on a Thursday, and I’d have to go drive through the night and sing college shows with peanut dust all in my lungs.  It was a wonder.  I probably sounded pretty awful back then.”