News Headlines 4/18/22

UKRAINIAN FIGHTERS IGNORE RUSSIAN ULTIMATUM: A few thousand Ukrainian soldiers were all that stood between the wrecked city of Mariupol and Russian troops late last night. The Ukrainian fighters rejected an ultimatum from Moscow to surrender by noon yesterday or die. The Russians are determined to take the strategic port city. As many as 100,000 citizens remain in the city with no way out.

  • Russia is believed to be preparing for an assault on Donbas, a predominantly Russian-speaking region of Ukraine where separatists already control some territory.
  • In an interview on CNN yesterday, President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed that Ukraine would not give up any of its territory in order to end the war with Russia.

SOUTH CAROLINA ROCKED BY TWO MASS SHOOTINGS: South Carolina suffered two mass shootings over the Easter weekend, including one at a mall in Columbia and a second at a club in Hampton County. One person was being held under house arrest in the mall shooting, but it appears he may have used a gun at the scene only in self-defense.

  • In the state capital of Columbia, nine people were shot and five more were injured trying to flee the scene when gunfire erupted inside a mall on Saturday. In the early hours of Sunday morning, at least nine people were injured in a shooting inside a club called Cara’s Lounge in Furman. 
  • No fatalities were reported in either incident as of early this morning.
  • In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, two teenagers were killed and at least eight others were injured during a party at an Airbnb rental. Police said there were hundreds of people at the party, and most of them were underage.

NORTH KOREA CLAIMS SUCCESSFUL WEAPONS TEST: North Korea state media claimed Sunday that the nation has successfully fired a tactical weapon capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It is believed to be the nation’s 13th weapons test of the year. U.S.-backed denuclearization talks between North Korea and South Korea have stalled.

(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)