Local News 4/7/22

News for 4-7-22 AK

Multiple crews responded to the scene of a workshop fire that saw equipment catch fire and explode and the roof collapse. The fire was called out around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning on Rattlesnake Pike in Union Township. The building was a workshop for a local dairy farm and had various tools, tractors, welding equipment, and propane inside resulting in numerous explosions as crews worked. No injuries were reported and the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal is investigating.

A Johnstown man was arrested Tuesday with $22,000 worth of suspected crystal meth hidden in his crotch. This comes after an investigation that spanned several months. Tahmir “Phatz” Gindraw was arraigned Tuesday night for two separate cases – the deal with the criminal informant as well as being arrested at the train station – both of which include felony drug charges.

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky convicted in 2012 on sex abuse charges is asking for a new trial.  This week, Sandusky’s attorney filed a motion for a new trial claiming the lawyers who represented him at his original trial were ineffective. Sandusky is currently serving a 30-years to life sentence at the SCI Greene Supermax prison in Greene County. 

A Mount Union man was charged with DUI after state police said he crashed into a vehicle and left the scene.  Michael Hummel rear-ended a vehicle that was driving ahead of him on State Route 22 near Pike Run Drive. Hummel then left the scene of the accident but was later found sitting in the passenger seat of his car and claimed he didn’t know what happened. Hummel reportedly smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot watery eyes. Troopers said Hummel’s blood alcohol content was .257%.

A Bedford man is facing charges after investigators accused him of searching out photos of nudist colonies, but focusing on members that appear to be under 18. Michael Bienert, is facing 20 felony counts of child pornography stemming from an alert Microsoft sent to the Child Predator Section of the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General in 2020. Bienert claimed he was unaware that this was considered pornography as they were just a nudist colony.

The average price for a gallon of gas as of Thursday is four-dollars and 26 cents. A week ago, the price of a gallon was four-30. Nationally, gas sits at four-dollars and 16 cents on average.