Local News 3/31/22

News 3-31-22 AK

A Claysburg man is behind bars after state police said he attempted to flee to avoid being pulled over while high, putting a toddler sitting in the front seat in danger. When police approached Robert Fink’s window, they noted a young toddler was sitting in the front seat without the appropriate safety seat or seat belt. There was also a woman sitting on the center console and an order of marijuana. He’s lodged in Bedford County Prison.

Police are searching for information after being called about a stolen firearm from a Centre County resident. The firearm went missing March 24 from a building on Depot Street in Milesburg sometime between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. The firearm is described as a North & Savage semi-auto with a black stock and barrel and a black 4×10 scope. Anyone with any information is asked to call state police out of Rockview at 814-335-7545.

Pennsylvania state gas prices are hovering around four dollars and 32 cents a gallon. Triple A reports the national average for a gallon of gas is currently at four dollars and 25 cents. 

Officials say the man accused of robbing a Johnstown convenience store in October is now behind bars. Officials say Calvin Wright faces felony charges related to robbery and aggravated assault. Police had been looking for him since October 28 when they say Wright robbed the Smoke and Skills store in Moxham at gunpoint.

Pennsylvania State Police in Ebensburg announced they will be performing a series of sobriety checkpoints throughout the month of April. the Ebensburg barracks in Cambria County will be conducting these sobriety checkpoints in the areas of East Carrol Township and Cambria Township. Troopers noted that other roving/mobile enforcement details will be ongoing throughout the month.

Two state lawmakers want to make sure students have several options for the milk they drink at school. The Whole Milk in Pennsylvania Schools Act has been introduced to make sure schools can serve whole milk and two percent milk.  Dairy farmers are especially supporting the bill, which would override a federal mandate that schools can only serve one percent or skim milk.