A Mother Charges Her Kids Rent at 16 . . . But Gives It All Back When They Leave the House

People on TikTok are talking about parenting rules they have . . . that not everyone would agree with.  (As if there are parenting tips out there that everyone DOES agree on.)

One woman responded with a few:  Her kids can cuss at 13 if they use it in the proper context and they don’t disrespect adults.  She also has them use “sir” and “ma’am” . . . and they can’t bother her until she has her first cup of coffee.

But THIS was the most interesting idea:  At age 16, her kids are required to get a job, and they have to start paying rent.  She didn’t specify what she charges.

She said that she SAVES the rent money . . . and whenever they decide they want to move out, she gives them all that money back, so they have a “nice nest-egg” to start out with. 

(NY Post