Jon Pardi’s Next Album Will Have “A Lot of Drinking Songs”

JON PARDI has been writing music for his next album, which he hopes to have out in September.  It’ll be tough to follow-up the success of “Heartache Medication”, but that’s the job at hand.

Someone asked what we can expect.  He said the new album will have “one very good love song” . . . a few “she’s leaving and we’re moving on songs” . . . and “definitely a lot of drinking songs.”

And then there’s his current single, “Last Night Lonely”.  He calls that “a danceable sweep-you-off-your-feet” kind of song.

So what’s up with these descriptions?  It’s Jon’s way of keeping track of what’s on the album, so he doesn’t repeat himself.  Other than the drinking songs, of course.  Quote, “It’s like, ‘Alright, we got this, we got that.  We need a little more of this.'”