Watch Brantley Gilbert Meet a Make-A-Wish Fan Who Had a Heart Transplant

BRANTLEY GILBERT invited a Make-A-Wish girl named Alirix to hang out with him and his band at a recent rehearsal.  It started with a TikTok video she shared after her heart transplant.

She talked about finding comfort in his music, that it helped her through the procedure . . . and said it was her dream to meet him.  The clip went viral.

Brantley saw it, and posted his own video . . . saying he was “humbled” by her story, and invited her to “come see any show, any time.”  He also combined their videos and posted them yesterday on Instagram

He wrote, “The hard days make ones like this that much sweeter.  So glad I got to meet sweet Alirix and her family the other day at rehearsals.  Thank you @Make-A-Wish-America for helping make it happen.”