Local News 2/10/22

News 2-10-22 AK

A Penn State University student is being charged with aggravated assault among other charges after striking a nurse in the face. Seth D Bolembach was admitted to the medical center as a result of an alcohol overdose. The assault happened when they were preparing Bolembach for a CT scan and became violent. Healthcare providers had begun to strap Bolembach down when he escaped and punched a nurse with his right hand. The victim said she had redness on her cheek and it stunned her and was painful. Bolembach was subsequently physically restrained by security.

A Maryland man faces charges after he allegedly raped a girl when she was seven or eight. Investigators were told that she was either seven or eight years old when Brian Harris sexually assaulted her at his lakehouse in Saxton. Harris is currently lodged in Bedford County Prison.

Blair County DUI Task Force officers will be hitting the road this week to enforce safe and responsible driving. Sobriety checkpoints, roving patrols and cops in shops are expected to take place. Officers in full uniform will be conducting the checkpoints and patrols while officers wearing casual attire or posing as employees may be present in six pack stores and distributors.

Parents of students in the Bellwood-Antis School District took to the streets outside of the school Tuesday to protest. This comes after the school board canceled this week’s meeting, along with a wrestling match slated for Thursday night. The decision was made out of what the district says is an “abundance of caution” following the board’s meeting on Feb. 1. Parents say they are frustrated at the lack of answers and accountability after former wrestling coach Ryan Blazier was convicted of sexual assault. All school board meetings will be virtual until further notice. Seven people are facing criminal charges stemming from the Feb. 1 board meeting.

With the recent ice and heavy rains across the state, officials say it’s likely more potholes will soon be opening up.  They say you should be especially cautious when driving…to try not to hit the holes. If it’s unavoidable, you can check for damage that could include a bulge on a tire’s sidewall, feeling your car pulling to one side or the other or feeling unusual vibrations in the steering, seat or floor.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports our central region shows a total of 170,880 known COVID-19 cases, and our state total is 2,708,830 known cases since the start of the pandemic.