Jon Pardi Could See Himself Opening a Bar in Florida

We may have reached our limit of country stars opening bars in downtown Nashville.  JON PARDI was asked about it, but he thinks the area is saturated.  If he ever did open something, it would be much farther south.

Quote, “If we did do a bar . . . I don’t want it to be in Nashville.  I want it to be in Florida and I want to be able to pull big boats up to it.  That’s the dream.  Come dock your boat, you get off and you come to ‘Tequila Little Time’.”

He sees the place as “a little channel bar” in Jacksonville or St. Augustine where his friends can belly-up their boats.  Quote, “Have you ever been on a boat where you all pull up and [there’s] a little Mexican joint?  It’s a fun afternoon.”

Elsewhere in the interview Jon said he’s been busy writing songs, and hopes to have a new album out sometime in September.