Random Act of Kindness: Bill Kurtis Visits 2 Area Classrooms!

I Love OUR Forever Media Random Acts of Kindness! This morning, I had the honor of delivering all of the items needed for the class to have a “special day” Ice Cream Sundae Party! The teacher also received a big bag of special gifts, and the students all received Cow Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, Erasers, Powered by Milk wristbands and more. Special thanks to THE ALLIED MILK PRODUCERS! The kids are gonna love ’em!!!I stopped by Logan Elementary in Altoona to Mrs. Keri McFarland’s 2nd Grade Classroom (PIC #1), and to Mrs. Tara Naylor’s 2nd Grade Classroom at Myers Elementary School in Bellwood (PIC #2)!!!”What a Special Day!!!”