Local News 12/14/21

News 12-14-21 AK

Jeremy Wyatt from Altoona is back behind bars after allegedly strangling and abusing a woman and her baby while he was out on bail for abusing them back in September. The woman told police she was getting ready to go out and told Wyatt he needs to get ready then Wyatt stood up with the baby and dropped them from his arms to the ground. Then he started yelling at her, before strangling her and telling her “you’re going to die today.” Wyatt was arrested, and while at the Altoona Police Department, police say that Wyatt continued to be belligerent and splashed toilet water everywhere while smearing feces all over the cameras while naked.

A resident at a Duncansville addiction recovery center is facing charges after police say he set a fire in his room by lighting toilet paper. The incident occurred at Pyramid Healthcare when Cameron Campbell lit the paper on fire to help him light a cigarette. Campbell said he had trouble using his lighter and panicked and threw the toilet paper when it caught fire and left the room but returned to flush his cigarette down the toilet.

Pennsylvania’s acting health secretary is resigning.  Alison Beam released a statement Monday, saying serving as the health secretary during such a critical time “has been the most humbling honor” of her career.  She’s stepping down at the end of the month.  Beam did not say why she’s resigning.

An Altoona woman faces felony theft charges after being accused of stealing a vehicle, a firearm and other items from a man’s apartment. The man told police Bridget Butler was staying at his apartment and fell asleep on his couch. He woke up in the middle of the night to find that Butler had left and his car was missing, along with his firearm and his wallet. Butler’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 22.

Police have arrested a man they say was stalking a pastor at a local church, eventually threatening him with two firearms, thinking if the church closed the pastor’s daughter would marry him. John Hamilton of Mill Hall went as far as showing up at the church dressed in camouflage with two firearms. Hamilton reportedly admitted his love of the pastor’s daughter and that he spent multiple days in the woods watching the church and the pastor’s family.

Pennsylvania is leading the nation in COVID-19 hospitalizations.  State health officials say most of the increases have been in the central and western parts of the state.  There are now over 45-hundred people hospitalized with COVID-19, and over a fifth are in intensive care.