Is Spending Time with Your Extended Family the Best Part About the Holidays?

We joke a lot about how being with family for the holidays is the most STRESSFUL part of the year.  But do most of us secretly enjoy it?

Two-thirds of Americans say spending quality time with their family . . . including extended family . . . is the BEST part of the holidays.

Here are a few more quick stats . . .

1.  68% of us are more excited about the gifts we’re giving than the ones we’ll receive this year.

2.  57% are planning to give more gifts than usual.  And we’re giving them to more people too.

3.  The top holiday traditions we’ll take part in are watching Christmas movies and decorating the tree.

4.  46% of us own at least one special ornament that’s been passed down from parents or grandparents.

5.  Two-thirds said they’re going “all out” with their decorations this year.