Local News 12/3/21

News 12-3-21 AK

Alexa Lynn Kephart agreed to plead guilty to felony endangering the welfare of a child and misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter in the death of her infant daughter. The 39-day-old baby was found unconscious and blue when the parents woke up. She had been sleeping with them in a full-sized bed along with her 22-month-old brother. Kephart and the baby’s father, Dakota James Lynn Canfield were subjected to a drug test that same day. Kephart reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamines, marijuana and ecstasy while Canfield was positive for those substances plus alcohol.

A driver attempting to beat a train at a crossing Thursday morning was injured when a Norfolk Southern locomotive struck the van and pushed it off the roadway in East Carroll Township, Cambria County. The driver attempted to cut in front of the train, but the front of the vehicle collided with the locomotive, which pushed the vehicle off the roadway. The train came to a halt nearly a mile away. The van was severely damaged, while the front of the locomotive was also damaged.

Governor Tom Wolf is designating nearly 16-million dollars toward programs that aim to stop gun and group violence.  It’s the first round of awards from the recently-announced Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) program.  The second round is expected in early 2022.  The funds will support community-led efforts to prevent and reduce crime.

John Herdman of Johnstown is facing charges related to aggravated assault and making terroristic threats following a brief standoff after officials served the man an eviction notice. When the Pennsylvania State constable knocked on the door, there was no answer, so he tried to make entrance to the home and Herdman was heard inside the home saying, “if you touch my door again, I will shoot you!” Herdman then threw a live shotgun shell out the door and asked, “does that answer your question,” when police arrived. Herdman is now behind bars.

The Pennsylvania State Health Department on Wednesday reported over 76-hundred new COVID-19 infections. Officials say that’s the highest one-day count since January. The number of people hospitalized from COVID is now just under four thousand, a number that officials say is also the highest rate in nearly a year.

Pennsylvania deer hunters are reportedly finding it hard to get their harvested deer  butchered.  Since the hunting season started last week, many butchers and processors around the state say they have been overwhelmed with orders.  Some say the demand is high because the Pennsylvania Game Commission decided to open doe and buck season at the same time. That, combined with Saturday and Sunday hunting has simply been  too much for many processors.