A 17-Pound Potato Named “Doug” May Have Set a New World Record

Never name an animal if it’s not really a pet.  It’s too hard when that animal becomes FOOD.  But does the same rule apply for produce?  A 17-pound POTATO may have set a new world record.  And the couple who dug it up decided to name it “Doug.”

A farmer in New Zealand was digging up weeds when he hit something massive, and realized it was a giant potato that has been growing for several years.  It’s still being verified by Guinness but would crush the current record of 10 pounds 14 ounces.

Doug isn’t the most attractive potato, he’s kind of ugly.  But he’s definitely huge.  The farmer says he’s storing him in his fridge for now, and plans to use him to make potato vodka. 

(Here’s a photo of him with Doug.)