News Headlines 6/25/21

NEARLY 100 MISSING AFTER FLORIDA CONDO COLLAPSE: Nearly 100 people remained missing as of early this morning (June 25th) after the partial collapse of a beachfront condo in Surfside, Florida, at around 1:30 a.m. yesterday. At least one person was confirmed killed and dozens of people were pulled out alive, with rescuers continuing to look for more survivors. Officials didn’t know how many people were in the 12-story Champlain Towers South when a wing of the condo collapsed, as many of the residents are seasonal. Surfside City Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer told local station WPLG that the building’s mandated 40-year recertification process was ongoing at the time of the collapse, and a building inspector had been onsite Wednesday. Authorities did not say what may have caused the collapse of the condo located northwest of Miami, which was built in 1981.

BIDEN ANNOUNCES BIPARTISAN AGREEMENT ON INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN: President Biden on Thursday (June 24th) announced a bipartisan agreement on an infrastructure plan that’s scaled back from what he’d originally proposed. Speaking outside the White House with senators from both parties who’d worked on the deal, Biden called the agreement “a true bipartisan effort, breaking the ice that too often has kept us frozen in place.” He also said, “neither side got everything they wanted in this deal; that’s what it means to compromise.” While the agreement is reduced from his proposals, he said that Democrats could pass some of his other infrastructure priorities through reconciliation, which doesn’t require 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. Biden said the two items would be done “in tandem,” and that he’d wouldn’t sign the bipartisan agreement without the other part, which will be larger. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the same would be true in the House. The items in the bipartisan package include $109 billion for roads and highways, $15 billion on electric vehicle infrastructure and transit systems, $65 billion for broadband and drinking water systems.

PELOSI ANNOUNCES CREATION OF SELECT COMMITTEE TO EXAMINE U.S. CAPITOL ATTACK: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday (June 24th) that the House will create a select committee to examine the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. Pelosi said, “The select committee will investigate and report on the facts and the causes of the attack and it will make report recommendations for the prevention of any future attack.” Her announcement came after Republicans last month blocked the creation of a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate the attack. There will be Republicans on the select committee, but Democrats will have the majority and therefore will control it and have subpoena power.

CHAUVIN BEING SENTENCED TODAY FOR MURDER OF FLOYD: Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin is being sentenced today (June 25th) after being convicted in April of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the May 2020 death of George Floyd. Prosecutors have requested a 30-year sentence, while the defense asked for probation, saying Chauvin was the product of a broken system who, quote, “believed he was doing his job.”

GIULIANI’S LAW LICENSE SUSPENDED BY N.Y. COURT: Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law in New York was suspended by an appeals court Thursday (June 24th) because of false statements he made while trying to get courts to overturn Donald Trump‘s 2020 presidential election loss. The court acted after an attorney disciplinary committee asked it to suspend Giuliani’s license on the grounds that he’d violated professional conduct rules when he promoted false conspiracy theories that the election was stolen. The court agreed, saying, “The seriousness of respondent’s uncontroverted misconduct cannot be overstated.” Giuliani reacted by calling the court’s action a “disgrace” and saying the opinion “could have been written by the Democratic National Committee.”

BIDEN SAYS WILL EVACUATE THOUSANDS OF AFGHAN INTERPRETERS WHO HELPED U.S.: President Biden said yesterday (June 24th) that the U.S. will evacuate thousands of Afghan interpreters from Afghanistan who helped the U.S. military during the two decades of conflict in that country. AP cited a senior administration official as saying planning has accelerated in recent days to relocate the Afghans and their families to other countries or U.S. territories while their visa applications are processed. The evacuation is planned for later this summer, before Biden’s September deadline to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan.