News Headlines 6/2/21

BIDEN MARKS 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF TULSA RACE MASSACRE, URGES PASSAGE OF VOTING LEGISLATION: President Biden on Tuesday (June 1st) marked the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, race massacre, when a white mob killed hundreds of Black people and destroyed the prosperous Black community of Greenwood, which was called “Black Wall Street.” Speaking in Tulsa, Biden said in emotional remarks that he’d come, quote, “to fill the silence” about the long-suppressed incident of racial violence in which he said “literal hell was unleashed.” He stated, “Some injustices are so heinous, so horrific, so grievous, they cannot be buried, no matter how hard people try. Only with truth can come healing.” Biden also used the occasion to urge the passage of sweeping federal legislation protecting voting rights that’s being held up in Congress. The president’s push comes as Republican-led states across the country are passing tougher voting restrictions.  Republicans say they are intended to prevent voter fraud, while Democrats contend they’re aimed at making it harder for minorities, in particular, to vote.

CALIFORNIA FIREFIGHTER KILLS COLLEAGUE, WOUNDS ANOTHER: An off-duty Los Angeles County firefighter shot and killed a fellow firefighter and wounded another yesterday (June 1st) before returning to his home and setting it on fire and then apparently killing himself. Killed in the shooting at Fire Station 81, a small community fire station in Agua Dulce, some 45 miles north of Los Angeles, was a 44-year-old fire specialist. The 54-year-old firefighter who was wounded was in critical but stable condition. The shooter, who wasn’t identified, was a firefighter specialist and engineer. Fire Chief Daryl Osby told reporters he didn’t know about a motive, saying, “I cannot speak to the mindset of the shooter.” Authorities found the gunman’s nearby house engulfed in flames, and later found him dead in an empty pool, with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

MAJOR MEAT PRODUCER JBS EXPECTS MOST PLANTS OPERATING TODAY AFTER CYBERATTACK: JBS SA, the world’s largest meat processing company that was the target of a cyberattack, said late Tuesday (June 1st) that it expects most of its plants to be operating today because it had made, quote, “significant progress” in dealing with the attack. The White House had said earlier in the day that Brazil-based JBS had notified the U.S. that it was a ransomware attack, and that the company had received a ransom demand from a criminal organization likely based in Russia. JBS, the second-largest producer of beef, pork and chicken in the U.S., said the cyberattack it had revealed Monday affected servers supporting its operations in North America and Australia.

ADMINISTRATION SUSPENDS OIL, GAS LEASES IN ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE: The administration yesterday (June 1st) suspended oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reversing a drilling program that had been approved by the Trump administration. The suspension follows a temporary moratorium imposed by President Biden on his first day in office. After conducting a review, the Interior Department said it found, quote, “defects in the underlying record of decision supporting the leases, including the lack of analysis of a reasonable range of alternatives” that’s required under the National Environmental Policy Act.