News Headlines 5/10/21

PRICES ARE INCREASING EVERYWHERE: If you think prices are going up on many of the things you need to buy, you’re not wrong. CNN Business says some price increases start at the source, where wholesale prices for products from lumber to corn and cheese are rising. A shortage of computer chips is inevitably pushing up prices for electronics and appliances. And, diaper prices have risen sharply and are going higher soon. Economists can’t agree on whether it’s a short-term problem as we transition to a post-lockdown world or if it’s a longer-term problem.

…AND SPEAKING OF PRICES: We can expect higher gasoline prices by late this week if the giant Colonial Pipeline isn’t up and running again soon. The pipeline, which stretches all the way from Texas to New Jersey, shut down last Friday after it was targeted by a ransomware attack on the system’s computer network. Officials are calling it the worst cyberattack yet on U.S. soil. A hacker’s network called DarkSide that operates out of Russia is a major suspect.

6 KILLED AT BIRTHDAY PARTY: Seven people are dead, including the apparent shooter, in a violent incident at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The suspect shot his girlfriend and five others at the family party before committing suicide, police said. A number of children were safely removed from the scene in the early hours of Sunday morning.

SHOOTOUT IN TIMES SQUARE: Two women and a four-year-old child were shot in the middle of New York’s Times Square on Saturday. All were innocent bystanders in the incident, which apparently began with an argument among several men. All three victims survived. At least one shooter escaped and is being sought. Shooting incidents in New York have skyrocketed 83% in just a year, according to NYPD statistics.

EARLY STORM PETERS OUT IN PACIFIC: The first tropical storm of the season has formed in the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles west of the Mexican coast. It’s expected to peter out pretty soon. But the remarkable thing about Tropical Storm Andres is its timing. It’s the earliest named storm on record to develop in the eastern Pacific, according to the National Weather Service.

(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)