Ted Nugent 4/20/21

Conservative rocker and Covid skeptic Ted Nugent has revealed he has been suffering from the coronavirus, according to Blabbermouth.

Nugent, appeared on Facebook Live and told fans, ‘I’ve got an announcement to make. Everybody told me that I should not announce this. I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days. I thought I was dying. Just a cluster***. I was tested positive today. I got the Chinese s***. I’ve got a stuffed up head, body aches. My God, what a pain in the a**. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days. . . So I was officially tested positive for COVID-19 today.” Nugent is currently quarantined at home.

During a previous Facebook Live post, Nugent said, “They claim five hundred thousand people have died from COVID-19. Bulls***. I believe that medical examiners in all 50 states have gone, ‘I put down on the death certificate that he died of asphyxiation, but they made me put COVID.’ ‘Well, this guy was stabbed to death, but they made me put down COVID.’ ‘This guy was run over by a tandem gravel truck doing a four-wheel drift and the crows be pecking at your flesh, but they made me put down COVID-19.”

Earlier this month, the “Motor City Madman” stated that he refused to be vaccinated, explaining, “A vaccine that was authorized in four months compared to every other vaccine that took years of adequate testing. Have you seen what’s in it?”