News Headlines 4/5/21

CATASTROPHE LOOMS OVER TAMPA BAY: Emergency workers in Manatee County, Florida, are struggling to prevent a “real catastrophic flood situation” in the Piney Point reservoir area near Tampa Bay, Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday. A breach in the wall of a wastewater retention pond is threatening a collapse that could release 600 million gallons of toxic wastewater that was left behind by the operators of long-abandoned phosphate mining plants. A state of emergency has been declared and nearby residents have been evacuated.

GOOD NEWS ON THE JOBS FRONT: The number of nonfarm jobs in the U.S. jumped by 916,000 last month and the unemployment rate fell to 6%, according to the Labor Department. The numbers were much better than expected, pointing to better times ahead. A gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, a proposed nationwide infrastructure program, and a fast rate of vaccination all appear to have contributed to creation of new jobs or rehiring of laid-off workers.

  • The stock markets are expecting a good day today. Dow Jones Average pre-market prices were up more than 200 points.

JORDAN LOCKS UP A PRINCE: The former crown prince of Jordan is being held under house arrest, accused by his half-brother King Abdullah of working with foreign entities to try to destabilize the nation. Prince Hamzah, son of the late King Hussein and his American-born wife Queen Noor, had been designated crown prince but was passed over in favor of his half-brother. Hamzah has accused the country’s leaders of incompetence and corruption.


(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)