What Did You Love as a Kid But Hate as an Adult?

Man, growing up really ruins everything, doesn’t it?

Right now people on Reddit are answering the question:  “What’s something you loved as a kid but hate as an adult?”  And it’ll really make you remember how great it was to be an innocent, dumb kid.  Here are some of the best answers . . .

1.  “Getting mail.  As a kid it was exciting . . . now it’s just bills.”

2.  “Growing up.  Couldn’t wait to grow up when I was a kid, but dread getting older now.”

3.  “Carnival rides.  Used to love ’em . . . now I [get] super sick.”

4.  “Swimming in public pools.”

5.  “Being sick.  When I was a kid it meant staying home from school and watching [TV].  As an adult it means no paycheck and shame.”

6.  “Lots of sugar.”

7.  “Facebook.  Used to be great for meeting up with friends or girls . . . now it’s aunts and uncles fighting over politics.”