David Coverdale 2/26/21

It’s looking like we might be seeing the second coming of the short-lived superstar duo, Coverdale-PageDavid Coverdale and Jimmy Page teamed up for one studio set — Coverdale-Page, which was released on March 15th, 1993 and peaked at Number Five on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The reunion never went beyond the one album, with Page soon after reuniting with Robert Plant.

We caught up with David Coverdale, who was busy promoting the new Whitesnake compilation, The Blues Album, and he let it slip that during a recent chat with a record exec, some new music with Jimmy Page is likely on its way: [“He said, ‘Well what are you doin’?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m workin’ on a couple of ideas to play Pagey, because I just took control of the Coverdale-Page record, and it’s the 30th anniversary in ’23. And I was takin’ to Jimmy about, y’know, maybe doin’. . . We have four, I think, unreleased songs and some studio jams. I documented the whole making of the thing on video. So, I was coming up with a couple, of ideas to present to him, that we could maybe (laughs) try and write on FaceTime, (laughs) y’know, on Zoom.'”] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . y’know on zoom)


  • David Coverdale is hoping to work on some new material with Jimmy Page for the upcoming 30th anniversary edition of the Coverdale-Page album in 2023.


The tracklisting to Whitesnake’s The Blues Album:

“Steal Your Heart Away”
“Good To Be Bad”
“Give Me All Your Love”
“Take Me Back Again”
“Slow An’ Easy”
“Too Many Tears”
“Lay Down Your Love”
“The River Song”
“Whipping Boy Blues”
“If You Want Me”
“A Fool In Love”
“Woman Trouble Blues”
“Looking For Love”
“Crying In The Rain”