Our 10 Favorite Things About the Winter

It can be hard to remember this when you’re scraping ice off the windshield of your car in the pitch black morning as mucus pours out of your nose . . . but winter isn’t all that bad.

A new survey found two-thirds of people say winter is the most, quote, “magical” season.  And here are their 10 favorite things about the winter . . .

1.  Having a cup of hot chocolate.

2.  Going outside to watch the first snowfall.

3.  Sitting by the fire at night.

4.  Building a snowman.

5.  Celebrating the holidays.

6.  Baking winter or holiday desserts.

7.  Skiing or snowboarding.

8.  Ice skating.

9.  Having a hot drink on a cold day.

10.  Seeing family over the holidays.

(Study Finds)