Cheap Trick 1/25/21

Cheap Trick has posted a teaser of its new single, “Light Up The Fire,” online. The track, which drops on Thursday (January 28th), comes from the band’s upcoming still-untitled first album as part of its new contract with BMG.

Back in November, lead singer Robin Zander appeared on AXS TV’s At Home And Social, and broke the news about the new music: [“We have an album that’s already done and it’s ready to go that has put on hold because of the virus. We’re very excited about it. We just, we signed a deal with BMG, and we’ll see what happens. Y’know, we’ve made a lot of records, and we just continue making records; for ourselves mostly, but also for our immediate fans that still cling to us. And it’s, it’s something I think is our lifeblood. It keeps us going.”] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . keeps us going)


  • Cheap Trick posted a teaser online of its new single, “Light Up The Fire,” which drops on Thursday (January 28th).


  • In 2017 Cheap Trick released their first holiday collection, Christmas Christmas. The previous June — just four months before the Christmas set, Cheap Trick released We’re All Alright!, their 18th studio album.
  • The collection, which took its name from the coda of their 1978 classic “Surrender,” was the followup to 2016’s Bang, Zoom, Crazy. . . Hello set, which was considered a return to form for the band.
  • Bang, Zoom, Crazy. . . Hello peaked at Number 31 and marked Cheap Trick’s first Top 40 set since 1988’s Lap Of Luxury topped out at Number 16.