What Were the Most Stressful Parts of 2020?

Is there anyone out there who DIDN’T find this septic-tank-of-a-year stressful?
Two-thirds of us have had a personal crisis at some point this year.  And 7 in 10 Americans now say 2020 has left them feeling defeated.

Here are the five most stressful things about this year, according to the poll . . .

1.  The stress of COVID-19 in general.

2.  Not being able to enjoy things you used to do.  Like going to bars and movies.

3.  The presidential election.

4.  Having to change up your day-to-day routine because of COVID.

5.  Spending so much time stuck inside.

Misinformation about the virus also made the top ten.  And so did the constant BARRAGE of news we got thanks to the 24-hour news cycle.

(Study Finds)