XMAS Trees 12/22/20

Christmas trees are very pretty, but they can also cause massive fires. The National Fire Protection Association says firefighters across the U.S. respond to an average of 160 home fires each year stemming from Christmas trees. These fires reportedly cause $10 million in damage, and an average of 14 injuries and two deaths each year. The fire experts say it’s important to place your tree away from heat sources, such as vents or fireplaces. You should also plug your tree directly into an outlet or surge protector (and each surge protector should be plugged into its own outlet.) If your tree is real you should also be sure to give it plenty of water. You should also be sure to turn your tree lights off at night, as otherwise they could start a fire that goes unnoticed.


  • Experts are reminding everyone that your Christmas tree can easily catch fire, so you should be sure to keep it away from heat sources, turn off the lights at night, and if it’s real, be sure to keep it watered