Boss’s Holiday Gift 12/21/20

Do I have to buy my horrible boss a holiday gift?

This is your time of year, my green friend, but lest you really be called a Grinch, you should give this some further consideration. You definitely are not obligated to give the boss anything. In fact, it’s unusual for employees to buy gifts for the boss unless you have a close relationship, in which case you will know exactly what’s appropriate for the situation. Given your feelings about your boss, let’s eliminate the individual present option. So we’re down to you chipping in and having your name on the card or being the lone person not to participate. Either is completely fine. It’s just a matter of how important it is to you to make the statement by not participating versus going along. Don’t make a big deal about making a statement by declining to join the team gift. Just politely decline and wish everyone, including your boss, a happy and healthy holiday season.