Good News Stories of the Day!

1.  Three former presidents are lining up to show people the vaccine is safe.  ObamaClinton, and George W. Bush all say they’re willing to get vaccinated on TV.

2.  Someone in Chicago dropped a gold coin and a small gold bar into two Salvation Army buckets over the weekend.  Together, they’re worth around $3,700.

3.  A COVID patient with swastika tattoos all over his body recently showed up at a hospital in Sacramento in serious condition.  And here’s why medical professionals are so amazing:  His doctor is Jewish . . . his nurse is Black . . . and his respiratory therapist is Asian.  And they’re still doing everything they can to save his life.

4.  A teacher in India just won an annual competition called the Global Teacher Prize that comes with a $1 million cash prize.  And right after he won, he announced he’s taking half of the money and giving it to the other nine finalists.  He said he’s doing it because together, “we can make this world a better place.”